Dolce&Gabbana throwback from the past

With translation

Collages by Fashion Stylist /Designer Anna Baiko&Alina Pivoine

Коллажи – Fashion Стилист/Дизайнер Анна Байко&Alina Pivoine

Collection Fall 2015 / Mama’s inspired

Text Alina Pivoine

Dolce&Gabbana Autumn 2015
Dolce&Gabbana Autumn 2015


Russian Overview/Краткий Обзор на русском 

Женское шоу Dolce & Gabbana 2015 было сфокусировано на концепции семьи и в особенности, материнства. Во время этого шоу красивые мамочки модели дефелировали со своими детьми,  идя по подиуму бок о бок с моделями, которые находились в интересном положении. Все в этой коллекции одежды было тем или иным образом связанно с темой семьи.

Все компоненты коллекции были очень чательно продуманы, каждая деталь имела свой глубокий смысл. Ампликации из роз прославляли женственность, принты и вышивки воплощенные в жизнь по рисункам племенниц и племянников Доменико выглядели очень реалистично, именно так как будто озорные детки и в правду разрисовали лучшие платья своих мам.

Особое внимание, в этой коллекции было уделено тому, чтобы прославить материнство, отдать честь матерям и превознести семейные ценности.

English Version

Dolce & Gabbana’s women’s show was focused on the concepts of the family, maternity and motherhood.  During this show beautiful mothers defiled with their children as well as the pregnant top models did. It was clearly seen that everything in this collection was steeped in motherhood  and was somehow connected with the concept of  the family.

All the components of the collection have been well thought out, every single detail had a deep meaning. The presences of roses celebrated femininity,  prints and embroideries based on the drawings by Domenico’s nieces and nephews looked exactly as if naughty kids had used  crayons to draw on their Mum’s best dress.

The main emphasis of the collection was to celebrate the womanhood,  to glorify the family and to honor the mothers.



The idea of the campaign is to totally focus on such  things as femininity, the beauty of a woman with a child. It shows the happiness of motherhood and promotes the importance of the family, as well as the respect for all the mothers.

Also, it has to be light, peaceful, happy and playful. The people looking at it must have had the feeling of home and have associated it with such good things as mother care. Children had to be present there and create the atmosphere of carelessness and gladness.

The DNA of Dolce and Gabbana has been always connected with the concept of an absolute femininity with the capital «F», they praise and worship women together with their beauty. The brand has always found inspiration in such  incredibly gorgeous and outstanding ladies as Monica Belucci and Bianca Balti, they are indispensable muses of Dolce and Gabbana. It is obvious that both of them being mothers have to represent the new Fall-Winter collection 2016. They would be a perfect embodiment of the main concepts of the collection which are: motherhood, unconditional love for children, support and care about the home without loosing their beauty or sexuality. Also, the participation of Natalia Vodyanova would play an important role in  the new campaign because she is an extremely famous top model and a mother of four children. She knows perfectly how to combine work and family and still look fragile, sensual and mindful like a true woman  and mother. Also, with her non standard looks she will add some freshness and tenderness to Dolce and Gabbana world.

In their new campaign I would combine two different film sets. The first one would have to take place in various snow landscapes, any small snow city in Europe, mountain,landscape or a covered pavillion with artificial snow inside, which would help to recreate the image of a real winter. The film set has to be covered by snow, icy and fluffy atmosphere will surround the main participants. Incredibly beautiful women with an attitude similar to that of a winter/ snow queen, will be playing with children and snowballs, ice skating and sculpting snowmen. It will create a contrast between the place and  the events happening in there.  Also, I would like to add a slight touch of magic and a fairy tale in the best traditions of Dolce and Gabbana. The set will have some magical details such as sledges, horses and decorations. The models would create around them the magical atmosphere that will surround the children and give them the mood of carelessness and security.

In this set I would use garments more suitable for a walk outside but which still look Queenlike apparel – fascinating and gorgeous. The model will not lose her uniqueness and nobility even if she participates in such activities as ice skating or snow fighting.

Some ideas from different winter fairy tales will come out, the participants of the shooting will look mysterious but at the same time very real life families. It will create an incredible mixture  between the two worlds – the real one and the fairytale one. Real families will become the fairy heroes, where the mothers are happy and the attentive Winter Queens who can conjure anything like real enchantress and their children are playful and naughty but funny and cute as snowflakes.  This mood and atmosphere will look fascinating and different from everyday life but still  will represent the reality in some sense but in a deeper and metaphoric way.

The second set will be slightly more realistic, the atmosphere of home and the mood of coziness will be the main protagonists. The idea is to portray a happy family arriving home after a long and fascinating walk full of magnificent adventures and now they want to warm up a bit over a cup of hot chocolate. The place is looking very comfortable, warm and cozy. Here the Winter Queen transforms into a Domestic Goddess. She is an absolute protagonist at home, it is her who  is emitting the idea of the warmth of home in this set. Here, a woman is clearly perceived as a mother of a big family, she is playful and attentive, she plays with and looks after her children who feel absolutely free and secure in her presence. They play and paint pictures, some of them draw on their mother’s  dress but it does not make her angry, on the contrary it makes her laugh, it is fun and it is all part of the game. She knows that it is not the dress but the children that make her so incredibly beautiful.

By looking at the image of this happy and joyful family surrounded by cozy things such as traditional dishes and sweets, make one feel the delectable smell of  freshly prepared and hot Italian coffee, a bright fireplace radiates heat, a soft carpet is laying on the floor, a fluffy cat is walking around, the children are playing and having fun and the mothers take care of everything but they still do not lose that incredible fantastic feminine beauty and attraction soaked in sexuality. This woman is still very desirable and needed. She is the main protagonist and the  family has inspired her and given her energy and thus has increased her femininity.

To sum up it is imperative to say that in the campaign for Fall-Winter Collection by Dolce and Gabbana, the women’s beauty should be portrayed from its best sides. After having seen this campaign the feeling of magic of the motherhood must arise and create a dream which will promote the family as the main reason for happiness. The unconditional love and true feelings are the main points. Reality generating the fairy tale is the concept.  The explanation of the fact that motherhood is a real dream and that it converts a simply beautiful woman into a real queen of her own little kingdom named the family.




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