Fashion Journalism

Fashion Journalism exists for a many years. It should be noticed that it always was a big part of society. Fashion is not a thing or an essence but it is a social process of negotiation and development. Fashion involves becoming collectively with others. It is a cultural phenomeon exactly as art.

Fashion helps to describe when, where and who we are. Also, fashion is huge part of economy and society. It is strongly connected with such elements of human beings as gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, class, national identity, generation, place. It is why fashion journalism itself exist. Because it is important part of everyday life as any other everyday life topic.


Fashion is never finished, and it crosses all kinds of boundaries. The study of fashion, as well, requires complex and imaginative ways of knowing.

Fashion and culture are always going together, Both demand more than one discipline or field of study to capture the complexity.

It is why the existence of fashion journalism is so important. People should see, read about and compare different fashion events in terms of knowing what is going on with society.



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