Romantic Boho

Coats and jackets made of sheepskin, patterned rugs, capes, woolen fringe ponchos – fashion is calling for the road. A peculiar atmosphere of  folk culture has enveloped  the fashion.

Dresses made with the national patterns of different countries and nations have rushed to the podiums and created an aura of having travelled from distant corners of the world to present the feeling of real and vivid displays , where people are not scared of being themselves and living their lives to the fullest.  Warm ponchos, voluminous capes and cozy scarfs are showing an idea of home comforts. They wrap the mind with warm thoughts about the coziness of Lares and Penates, recalling the comfort of the hearth place of home.

The images of nature, involuntarily, pop up in the consciousness as if we hear past birds singing, and remember the wind as it sweeps past as well as the smell of the bonfire floating in the air. It’s the idea of us as country folk, returning home, with good wholesome country ideas from our ‘comfortable times’ of past years. The idea of solidarity with all that is life around us in vivid memories or perceptions of what we believe it would be like.

The folk element is unleashing the natural human from the conformist day to day lives we live. It makes us feel vulnerable but at the same time happy and in tune with nature and past lives. Obviously, the idea of folk fashion evokes the idea of freedom from the daily grind of our lives.

A woman dressed in clothes with folk motifs, looks independent, cozy, and at the same time desirable and mysterious, her image feeds one’s imagination, making one have a guess to what culture the pattern of her dress belongs to or where this woman comes from? Where does she go? Folk covers her with a veil of mystery.

The international community has entered a period of tremendous global transition and  the resulting confluence of peoples and cultures is an increasingly global multicultural world.


Dresses Showroom TwinS&J

Bag Etro

Bag Dolce&Gabbana

Jewellery Antica Murrina

Boots  Uggs

Watches  Hublot


Styled by Alina Roman

Model Mariam Kampzmalyan



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