The Buffalo Still Life

The Still Life

Buffalo,Ray Petri, The man who dressed a decade

Ray Petri died in 1989, just shy of his 42nd birthday and at the tail end of the decade he helped to define by producing powerfully idiosyncratic images, under the pseudo-corporate ‘label’ Buffalo, for the pages of then fledgling ‘style’ magazines: The Face , i-D and Arena .

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‘People tend to associate the word Buffalo with Bob Marley’s ‘Buffalo Soldier’,’ Ray once explained, ‘but in fact it’s a Caribbean expression to describe rude boys or rebels. Not necessarily tough, but hard style taken from the street… a functional and stylish look; non-fashion with a hard attitude.’

Ray Petri was a genuinely charismatic figure. The sort of man who, even if you had your back to the door, one still sensed had made an entrance. This still life project was created to reconstruct a true Buffalo’s ambiance.

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Buffalo style mixes the rebellious atmosphere of 70’s London and cosmopolite world united inside of Britain. You can’t Mistaken this peculiar ambiance with anything else.

Nowadays, that the world of globalization and capitalism has come across the changes in the society, the feeling of rebellion takes place in the mind of millennials or in other words of the generation Next. The same feeling that once was growing up in the minds of X generation rebels.

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Regardless of the differences one can sense that there is some kind of connection between these two completely different eras.

It’s known that Buffalo was about mixing everything: abundance somehow connected to bareness, classics mixed up with punk esthetics. However, one can not deny the fact that Buffalo had a lot of sport elements and it seems that the Olympic Games had a great influence on its style.

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The still life recreates the Buffalo aesthetics by using the most important elements of the style. In the background one can see a large board coiled with an insulting tape in the shape of the British flag with the words «Muy Fragil» on it. It symbolizes the fragility and instability of the British society Ray Petry lived in and the reason why the words are written in Spanish means the mixture of cultures which influenced Buffalo style to such a great extend – the Britishness seasoned with the elements of cultural diversity.

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The boxes and wrinkled paper symbolize the atmosphere of London’s streets in the 70s. – an absolute negation of any aesthetics in favor of destruction.

The animal prints are strongly connected with Buffalo ideas of inter culture, it reminds one of other continents such as Africa. These prints give to the style something truly wild.

Certainly, the sport elements such as colorful rings painted on the boxes and sport inventory gives the main attitude to the pictures. It reminds the viewer of the spirit of rivalry, competition of the Olympic Games and an aspiration to achieve goals and overachieving what is expected of you / surpassing yourself. All these sporty motives are directly connected with the political and social life in 70s London and nowadays.

All these Buffalo ideas are reminding the people of the fact that to have a better life one needs to rebel in some sense and not to be scared of anything. Citius, Altius, Fortius!

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Boots Loriblu

Bag Michael Kors

Sneakers Gucci

Shoes Stuart Weitzman

Bag Dolce&Gabbana


Boots Tommy Hilfiger


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