Love is a complex concept which can not be explained or defined easily. There are as many definitions of love as the number of human beings living on Earth.  Love can mean different things to different people. However, in spite of the differences of opinions, love unites us all, no matter what age, what nationality you are or what your religious beliefs are. The concept of love can be considered from various points of view. We can talk about at least three types of love:  parental love and love that children feel for their parents, love between friends and love in relationship.


First of all let us look into the first type: love between parents and their children. It is the most sincere kind of love. Parental love sets the basis for how we will deal with the world around us and ourselves. It has been proved by the psychologists that there is a direct connection between how our parents treat us as children and how the fact that we are loved by our parents influences our personality, attitude towards the world and the people.

The second type of love – between true friends is also difficult to explain, because friendship is a complex mixture of emotions and expectations. The idea of friendship is based on many aspects such as common interests and mutual understanding without which it would be difficult to imagine being somebody’s friend. When you have got a good and strong relationship with your friend, it is nearly impossible not to feel appreciation for this person. Consequently we can not feel appreciation for someone without feeling love for this person.

The next type is love in relationship or love like affection which a person feels for another individual. Actually love is a psychological state and a very complex emotion. There are so many songs and books written about this kind of love. This feeling has always inspired people and helps us to create families and to procreate. Probably without love people would have been already dead. Love is a great force.

This great force as a reflection of life has been portrayed in art.  A lot of art creations have been inspired by love. This feeling made an enormous impact on the cultural and historical life of the human kind. It is absolute true that this great and exalted feeling can change lives and destines of whole societies.  Human life without love would be boring if all could exist. All kinds of love, whether it would be parental, friendly or passionate love, all of them change our life. This feeling is hard to describe, but one thing is for sure – love is an essential and integral part of our existence. It unites all of us. We begin our lives with love, and finish with it as well.


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