Is reading fiction a waste of time?

To begin with I would like to say that in my opinion a good book can teach you more about life than almost anything else. Books always have given us an opportunity to obtain more knowledge, broaden the outlook, learn more about our personality and develop our imagination. Non-fiction books introduce us into the world of history and physical science. But people always wanted to understand the psychology of human beings.  Fiction literature can be of great help to us if we are eager to find more about different aspects of human nature and our psychology.  The authors of fiction books create their own world of imagination in them. This  “imaginary” world is based on their personal experience and their feelings. Thus the readers of fiction can learn about other people´s lives and live through their life-stories even without leaving their homes.
Luckily reading a good book is never a waste of time. Every book carries inside its own story and its own meaning.  Obviously, reading a fiction book will not teach you as many facts as you would learn if you read a non-fiction book. But I think a person always learns something when he/she reads. Fiction books show people different worlds, different epochs and different lifestyles.
Fiction has definitely helped to shape and develop my perspective on life. Non-fiction also can be interesting and helpful, but I can’t say it’s changed my life the same way as fiction has. Non-fiction books are very useful in science and in schools & universities but not in our social life. I believe fiction books are very useful to the society. They help to develop our social skills and knowledge. They show us the reflection of the real world.
Also, when you read a fiction book you learn the language.  The more you read the better you master the language skills.  Reading improves speaking skills, vocabulary and helps to increase the level of writing. The more you read the better you construct complex sentence structures you have got. The better sentence structure you have got the better you can express different complex thoughts of yours. Therefore, I can make a conclusion that reading improves our way of thinking and helps us to express our thoughts. In other words, reading makes people smarter life wise.


Finally, I can say that I could not imagine life of humans beings without good  books. For me the world without books would be very boring. I am sure that all books, especially fiction can make a huge contribution to the development of the society. Fiction stores in a way all the feelings, fears, happy moments and life experiences of so many generations and cultures.  I am sure fiction is one of the greatest achievements of the human kind. It can teach us so many interesting things about life, societies, psychology and humans feelings.

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