Walter Bonatti

From 12 of November until 8 of March in Palazzo della Ragione, Milano is holding a photo exhibition of famous Italian mountaineer and photographer – Walter Bonatti.

Easter Island Chile, November,1969

The exhibition will present gorgeous pictures of nature from all around the world. Walking through the exhibition the viewer can discover the story of the life of Walter Bonatti. Photos show the incredible beauty and bewitching adventures of the mountaineer. Also, maybe these images tell about the world more than a textbook on geography can tell.


All pictures look very present-day, even if they were made 20 or more years ago. They are all colourful and very truthful. Nature shows in an unvarnished fashion. Filters were not used to make these pictures, only the veracious beauty of World.

Снимок экрана 2016-05-10 в 21.33.04

In the center of the hall with photos there is a big screen on which visitors can see a short video about Walter’s adventures and his geographical movement.

Снимок экрана 2016-05-10 в 21.33.08

This exhibition is filled with great atmosphere of discoveries and travels. Looking at these pictures it feels like you yourself have visited these places.

Watching the movement of Walter around the world, you feel happy for him, worried about him and feel the atmosphere surrounding him.

After experiencing this exhibition a fantastic feeling should come, which can be compared with the feeling which a person could have after reading a fascinating book or after a extremely emotional and happy event like travel.


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