Form and desire

The Cal. Collezione Pirelli

Richard avedon new-york 1997

In Palazzo Reale, Milan from the 21st of November until 1st of the March is taking place an exhibition called «THE CAL», Pirelli Collection under the slogan «Form and desire»

Richard Avedon, New York, USA, 1995,

Karl Lagerfeld, Paris, France, 2011

This exhibition provides a large collection of photos made for the Pirelli calendar. Most are pf a woman, one of the main participants. Only in few photos is possible to see a man, only one or two photos of men were presented made by Karl Lagirlfield. Mostly these photos pay tribute to the beauty of a woman’s body which is shown in different forms and poses but every time is absolutely unbelievable.

Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, 2006,Cap d'Antibes, France

The figure of a woman inspired the artists in all the times. It is obvious that the photographers who worked for Pirelli were in agreement that a woman’s body shows absolute beauty and serves as an inspiration to them.

Steven Meisel, New York, United States, 2015

Females caused the creating of the great photos made by such impressive photographers as Robert Freeman, Brian Duffy, Peter Knapp, Herb Ritz to which they posed the young and tender Kate Moss. Photos of the incredible Heidi Klum made by Bruce Weber and enchanting pictures of Naomi Campbell, taken by a famous fashion photographer Patrick Demachelier and colourful works of Terry Richardson.

Herb Ritts, Los Angeles, California, United States, 1999

Many gorgeous women such Monica Bellucci, and Sophia Loren have been in photos on of Pirelli calendar. All of these pictures consist of the whole story behind. By means of the image it transfered the atmosphere of time when this photo was taken. Looking at all these women and seeing their attitude clearly shows the epoch from which they came. Despite the fact that they are all naked, their hairstyle and make up show the viewer who are they.

Peter Lindbergh, El Mirage, California, United States, 1996

All photos are emotionally bright. However, the aim of this exhibit, is to set aside chronological order for a moment, set aside the sequence of the years shown by calendars, forget references to time, all through a process of critical reading that can propose a new dialectic made up of relations, analogies, citations and contrasts between images.. The time in a calendar, limited to a specific and concrete period, has also defined the boundaries of the work and creativity of many artists.

Peter Beard, Abu Camp/Jack's Camp, Botswana, 2009

Pireli calendars are the perfect example of how a woman’s beauty changes, and with it how it changed the eras. Photos of Pirelli are absolutely gorgeous and noble erotic pieces of art. They show the power of a woman’s sexuality and mood of the women of different time periods, sometimes real, sometimes beyond that of reality.

It becomes easy to remember through these images how photography has narrated the romantic discovery of nudity and the modesty of intimacy, the presence of evocative symbols and inspirations, seduction and the desire to provoke, nature and the artifice of imagination, elegance and timeless beauty.



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