Giovanni Segantini

The Return to Milan

From the 18th of September until the 18th of January in Palazzo Reale, Milano took place a atmospheric exhibition of Giovanni Segantini, named Segantini – Il ritorno a Milano (The Return to Milan)


On this exhibition many great paintings could be seen. Segantini is an Italian landscape painter, he painted using techniques from pointillism and worked for few years years in the styles of realism and symbolism.

His paintings look very vivid, the artist used a very tranquil and calming palette of colours. Looking at his paintings is an absolute pleasure. His paintings convey the quiet energy of nature and places depicted in pictures.

angelof life

His attitude on the paintings seems to be very realistic. While walking through the exhibition, it is possible to breathe the fresh air of the Alpes, to behold a sunset in the mountains and feel the sun glow through the clouds. Paintings speak with you talking about life which is far away from the megalopolis.

The pieces of art change in mood from room to room, in each new exhibition space a viewer could find a new facets of the artist.

Giovanni Segantini

The last part of exhibition is absolutely unexpected to inexperienced visitor. Because in the end a new mysterious version of Segantini is coming out. It is not a precious, realistic landscapes, or scenes from everyday life, or and plausible illustrations for important literary  work, but it is a mystically beautiful, sometimes romantic exposure which is playing on the strings of the soul.

In the middle of this exposition, there is a big painting named «The Angle of the Life». One the most touching, unique and delicate works of art in history. The beauty and tenderness of this painting is hardly transmittable through words. It needs to be felt. The paintings is shrouded in a veil of mysticism and fondness. This painting sets the mood of the exposition in the hall. And it’s just a great feeling.


This covers the entire artistic life of Giovanni Segantini. From his adopted hometown Milan, where he attended classes at the Brera Academy, to the forefront of international exhibitions. Giovanni Segantini (1858–1899) is considered an important representative of Realistic Symbolism and is known for his landscape paintings of the Alps. Although born in Italy, for most of his life he worked in Switzerland, most notably the Engadin valley in the Graubünden region. The two most important institutions that own work by Segantini, the Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna in Milan and the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz, participate in the exhibition, which will display more than one hundred works.


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